Mobile C-arm w/Flat Detector Veradius

Mobile C-arm

The Veradius mobile C-arm system with flat detector (FD) gives you breakthrough clarity, space, and convenience. So you can perform cardiac, vascular & orthopedic surgery and challenging minimally invasive procedures with more confidence.

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X-ray generation
Monoblock high frequency generator
80 kHz
X-ray tube
rotating anode tube
maximum generator output
15 kW
Flat Detector
Amorphous silicon detector
designed and produced in-house by Philips
Active Detector Area
27 x 27 cm
Removable grid
for imaging small anatomies with much less X-ray dose
Integrated laser
to accurately position the system without radiation
Mobile View Station high brightness color LCD monitors
18 "
Stand monitor
Supports visual control for operator 12 "
Flexible positioning
Stepless height adjustment and 180 degrees rotation
for safe transport and storage
Easy workflow
Application-oriented anatomical programs
optimally adjust system settings to obtain excellent image quality
Archiving & documentation
Fully integrated
DICOM solution
to display external video signals like ultrasound and endoscopy
Digital video-out
to transfer Veradius images to external OR monitors in same resolution