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    Jak usunąć kamień
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    Why descale my Saeco machine?

    In short, descaling your coffee machine helps you with the following:

    • Prolongs the life of your coffee machine.
    • Ensures maximum cup volume.
    • Ensures correct coffee temperature.
    • Minimizes the noise created by the coffee machine during brewing.
    • Avoids repair costs due to lime scale damage.
    • Ensures you have the perfect espresso crema.
    • Ensures perfect tasting of your coffee.

    Wybierz model ekspresu Saeco i zobacz szczegółową instrukcję odkamieniania

    Saeco Exprelia

    HD8852/47, HD8854, HD8856

    Saeco Royal

    RI9913, RI9914

    Saeco Minuto OneTouch

    Saeco Exprelia Evo

    HD8855, HD8857

    Saeco GranBaristo

    HD8964, HD8965, HD8966

    Saeco Energica

    Saeco Easy Italia


    Saeco GranBaristo Avanti

    HD8967, HD8968, HD8969

    All other espresso machines

    all other

    Descale your Saeco machine with the right descaler


    Most acids, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfamic acid and acetic acid (vinegar) will either damage the pipes and tubes inside your Saeco espresso machine or not dissolve limescale properly. Therefore please only use the specially developed Saeco descaler displayed below, which dissolves all limescale without damaging your espresso machine. Not using Saeco descaler will unfortunately void your warranty.

    Jak często należy usuwać kamień?  


    First you need to determine the calcium and magnesium salt concentration in your tap water with the water hardness measurement strip (included with your espresso machine). Hold the stripe 1 second into tap water, wait 1min and compare it with the below chart. Then set the water hardness in the settings menu of your espresso machine on the corresponding level. After that, most Saeco espresso machines will remind you automatically when you need to descale.

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