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Once a patient has been diagnosed with mitral regurgitation, what are the treatment options? If they’re not a candidate for open heart surgery, you may be considering transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR).


Today, innovative imaging and newly available devices are offering new options for some patients.

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MitraClip Therapy: Sandra's Story

TMVR procedures are allowing some patients to resume their lives.


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Customer Stories    

Philips is helping healthcare providers everywhere change lives with new imaging innovations as they offer new options with TMVR procedures.

Mitral Valve Regurgitation


Drs Roberto Corti, Jürg Grünenfelder, and Patric Biaggi

Published Articles

SHD interventionalists are providing insights into TMVR procedures in peer-reviewed articles with their use of x-ray, echo and new devices. Here are just a few of the articles published to date.

Making a difference where it matters    

Confidence in the Interventional Suite

Linked Live 3D TEE and x-ray enables an easy understanding

of the 3D space without having to mentally align the two views.


Mitral Valve Navigator provides calculations in just a few easy and quick steps.

Plan procedures with reliable quantified data.

tmvr being used

Follow and assess interventions with expanded communication between cardiac team members.

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Less invasive treatment means patients can get on with their lives quicker.

The dynamic Live 3D TEE images may help you determine patient eligibility for TMVR, and provide key peri-procedural guidance from the critical transseptal puncture to device deployment and post-deployment assessment.


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Increase visibility of cardiac structures with echo that is linked to fluoroscopy. Orientation of the echo image is automatically updated when the C-arm gantry is repositioned. Markings on soft tissue anatomical structures in echo automatically appear in the x-ray image for context and guidance. Your entire team can fully appreciate TMVR device position and deployment status in real time with exceptional clarity.


Learn more about EchoNavigator

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