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Scientific advances in radiology are changing the way clinicians practice today and will continue to impact the future of care delivery. At the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in 2014, we brought together clinical advisors in radiology with our own leadership team, to discuss the next generation of integrated radiology solutions.


Among the topics discussed:

  • What is Radiology/the Radiologist’s value proposition? To the enterprise? To the patient?
  • Where are provider systems looking to lead and sustain their operational transformation at enterprise and department levels?
  • What methods or tools (e.g. partnerships, IT integration, consultancy, process engineering, outsourcing radiology) are you using to affect and sustain change?

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Trends and insights in radiology

The RMAN meeting fosters an ideal forum to look for deeper insights and share expert opinions. Hear how leaders in radiology see trends in integrated imaging solutions at enterprise and department levels, driving operational efficiencies and utilizing longitudinal data to improve the patient experience.

Dr. Christoph Wald discusses the role of imaging in delivering positive patient outcomes.

About RMAN 

Staying ahead of rapid change takes an agile team sharing expert insights

Through the professional exchange and insight-sharing of the Philips Medical Advisory Network Meetings with Key Opinion Leaders, we attract brilliant perspectives that shape the vision of each Philips business innovation unit.


Through our esteemed network of leading key opinion leaders, multinational experts meet with Philips throughout the year, to tackle the issues that drive innovation in clinical specialties as oncology, cardiology, radiology and medical informatics.

The Radiology Medical Advice Network is composed of distinguished, international Key Opinion Leaders in radiology, who engage with Philips to bring to the forefront the science that informs innovation advancing our understanding clinicians' needs, insights and preferences in the areas of oncology and cardiology.


Our work extends beyond commercial areas to include compliance, regulation and our commitment to upholding higher standards of health together.

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