Alice NightOne

Designed to provide it all – ease, confidence, and reliability

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The Alice NightOne home sleep testing (HST) device is designed to help patients get their study done right the first night.

Study starts recording as soon as dev... || Designed for ease

Study starts recording as soon as device belt is buckled

The “Auto-on” feature allows recording to start as soon as the RIP belt is clicked in place; no need for patients to push a ‘start’ button. The integrated connection eliminates the need for an external effort wire set. The “smart guide” sequence guides patients through the setup process easily and provides feedback through signal quality indicators.
Uses signals and sensors tech are fam... || With confidence and reliabilit

Uses signals and sensors techs are familiar with; no need to retrain

Alice NightOne uses the same sensor technology recommended by the AASM for in-lab studies. Three external sensors (effort, flow and oximetry) provide seven channels of sleep parameter data. The device signals are already familiar to lab techs to reduce the need for retraining.
Designed to help prevent the need to ... || Know before it goes

Designed to help prevent the need to retest due to application error

The Good Study Indicator (GSI) feature allows you to know how much good quality data has been gathered before the device is returned to your lab. In the morning, your patient can press the User Button to display the GSI and see how many quadrants are completed (each of the four quadrants represents 25% of signal data collected).
Supports your business needs || Supports your business needs

Supports your business needs

A wireless connection is available to Bluetooth-enabled Philips Respironics’ PAP devices.* The Sleepware G3 software allows your lab to use the same Alice software for in-lab and out-of-lab testing. (The wireless connection does not interface with the optional Cloud Services that are intended to help you spread your services.)
  • *Available in select countries.