MobileDiagnost Mobile radiography system

MobileDiagnost wDR

Mobile radiography system

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Benefit from the superb quality and full efficiency of Philips premium DR rooms packed into a flexible mobile X-ray system. Speed up decisions with SkyPlates, our cassette-sized wireless portable detectors. Save time with gridless workflow.

Lightweight wireless portable detecto... || Excellent image quality

Lightweight wireless portable detectors

The large and the smaller sized SkyPlates serve as a workflow enhancing asset in your Philips DR rooms and with the Philips digital mobile unit. The light weight of the DR SkyPlates sets an industry standard for use wherever you need them – stationary or portable.
UNIQUE - superb image processing || Great workflow efficiency

UNIQUE - superb image processing

The intuitive user interface is harmonized with those found on all Philips digital radiography systems. Pre‐settings and customized user profiles result in more streamlined workflow.
Comprehensive X-ray dose management || Enhanced patient experience

Comprehensive X-ray dose management

DoseWise is based on the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle. Philips exploits every possible opportunity for a low X-ray dose. At the same time, we provide excellent diagnostic image quality.
Share it as you like || Excellent image quality

Share it as you like

The DR SkyPlate sharing combinations allow you to efficiently use your budget and customize deployment of your DR detectors. The specialized application range of the small Philips SkyPlate enables it to be applied in different DR rooms and with a mobile DR unit. Use the large Philips SkyPlate for free exams in different areas or insert it in vertical stands or table trays.
Grid-like contrast || Excellent image quality

Grid-like contrast

When doing DR exams without a grid, Philips SkyFlow produces images with grid-like contrast. It reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid bedside chest exams. SkyFlow is the industry’s first scatter correction algorithm for portable thorax X-rays – requiring no operator input. It delivers contrast enhancement based on the amount of scatter for the individual patient.
Eleva – consistent control || Excellent image quality

Eleva – consistent control

Premium Eleva makes workflow continuity and network communication easy. The common platform is fast to learn and use. It's designed to streamline your radiography department with a number of smart tools.