DoseWise Portal Radiation dose management solution

DoseWise Portal

Radiation dose management solution

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DoseWise Portal is a vendor-agnostic, web-based solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient & staff radiation exposure, assisting you to take control of quality of care, efficiency, patient and staff safety.

Make better, data-informed decisions ... || KBA1

Make data-informed decisions to improve patient care

Analysis based on data collected from multiple imaging systems helps you optimize patient dose through exam protocol management. You can compare dose metrics for various modalities and configure custom dose alert levels and thresholds, set by exam, by scanner, and by site. Reviewing and refining best practices, helps identify areas for improvement.
Enhance efficiency and system utiliza... || KBA1

Enhance efficiency and system utilization

Designed to connect multi-vendor systems, DoseWise Portal helps you define patterns and initiate improvements, which impact the experience of your patients and staff. Using customized dashboards, you can easily see when certain systems are underutilized or show undesirable trends related to radiation dose. You can then create a plan to improve efficiency.
Demonstrate a commitment to quality, ... || KBA1

Demonstrate a commitment to quality, satisfaction and safety

Promote your dose optimization leadership. DoseWise Portal serves as an evidence-based foundation that helps you make continuous dose safety process improvements. It helps facilitate regulatory compliance, with intuitive software that securely integrates with imaging modalities and medical information systems.
DoseWise Portal is your core program ... || KBA1

DoseWise Portal is your core program component

DoseWise Portal is designed to be the core component in your radiation dose management program. It provides advanced analytic tools such as customizable dashboards and drill down data for multi-vendor/multi-modality imaging systems. You get actionable information in the form of tailored reports and alerts.Regardless of type, age, or manufacturer, any system can be linked to DoseWise Portal with some basic data elements. Installation is via a local server and can be configured for department-wide,hospital-wide, or enterprise-wide service. By simplifying dose management practices, DoseWise Portal helps you establish a robust system for patient and staff care.
Real-time dose-monitoring and measure... || KBA1

Real-time dose-monitoring and measurement for staff

DoseWise Portal is the only dose management solution that combines real-time staff radiation exposure and patient data via a proprietary interface with DoseAware Xtend*. Monitor radiation in the interventional suite and take real-time action to minimize staff exposure. Post-procedure analysis can give you insight to the root causes of radiation events.

Take control of dose management across your organization

Hospitals are discovering more effective ways to provide exceptional patient care. A critical component is strong radiation control and management.


New Joint Commission standards (for USA) require more from hospitals concerning radiology dose. In Europe, new regulations are expected to be in place by 2018. DoseWise Portal is the only turnkey dose management solution that gives you control over patient dose, staff occupational dose, and aids your regulatory compliance efforts.


Read the Joint Commission Revised Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Services

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Last modified June 23, 2015


Philips DoseWise Portal Server Specification
Philips DoseWise Portal Server Specification
  • Quad-core or 4 vCPU, 2.8 GHz (AMD Opteron™ 4133, Xeon® E5, E7, or greater)
  • 8 GB minimum
  • 100 GB minimum system partition, 400 GB minimum data partition (RAID 1 recommended)
  • 1 GBps
Operating system
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Client Browser
  • Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome 40+
  • * DoseAware Xtend is not a legal dosimeter and does not replace a TLD or film badge