PrimaryDiagnost Digital radiography solutions


Digital radiography solutions

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Get the essence of our state-of-the art digital radiography technology at a cost-effective price point. This system is available in analog and analog-to-digital versions to meet the needs of diverse healthcare facilities.

Digital radiography for small/medium ... || Digital radiography for small/

Digital radiography for small/medium facilities

PrimaryDiagnost DR offers the diagnostic advantages of digital imaging in a system that is cost‐effective to acquire and maintain. You’ll find the essence of our state-of-the-art digital radiography technology in a simple yet robust X‐ray system.
Upgrade-ready analog radiography || Upgrade-ready analog radiograp

Upgrade-ready analog radiography

PrimaryDiagnost AR is an entry‐level X‐ray system that is configured for easy and fast upgrade to digital functionality. It provides you with the capability of preparing for a digital conversion, while still delivering quality images.
Designed for fast and consistent resu... || Fast and accurate positioning

Designed for fast and consistent results

The intuitive user interface is harmonized with those found on all Philips digital radiography systems. Pre‐settings and customized user profiles result in more streamlined workflow.
One console makes exams more efficien... || Digital radiography for small/

One console makes exams more efficient

The generator functionality of the PrimaryDiagnost DR is integrated into the Eleva workspot. That means the operator can select and apply exposures from the same console used for image handling to save exam time and reduce patient wait times.
Fast and accurate positioning || Upgrade-ready analog radiograp

Fast and accurate positioning

The coupling and decoupling function enables quick and easy alignment between tube and image receptor. It allows radiographers to perform examinations very fast, saving valuable time.
Consistent image quality || Digital radiography for small/

Consistent image quality

UNIQUE optimizes every link of the imaging chain. It harmonizes contrast levels, highlights faint details, and adapts parameters to provide lots of detail and wide image dynamics, while still maintaining a natural, artifact‐free appearance.
Aids in handling mixed exams || Upgrade-ready analog radiograp

Aids in handling mixed exams

The telescopic arm allows the system to cover even more applications as it enables free exams at off‐center position. It helps radiographers carry out a variety of examinations with ease.
Accurately exposed images of all regi... || Digital radiography for small/

Accurately exposed images of all regions

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) sets the exposure time according to exposure voltage and object characteristics to automatically obtain the correct exposure. This assists the radiographer in producing consistent images regardless of size or presence of pathology.