Digital radiography solutions

Get the essence of our state-of-the art digital radiography technology at a cost-effective price point. This system is available in analog and analog-to-digital versions to meet the needs of diverse healthcare facilities.

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X-ray tube
Dual-focus rotating anode tube
Focal spots: 0.6 / 1.2
Maximum voltage
125 kV
Tube overload protection
High-voltage generator
50 kW
Anatomically Programmed Radiography
Automatic Exposure Control
Standard in DR / optional in AR
Tube overload protection
Automatic mains voltage compensation
Vertical stand with detector unit
Vertical stand
3 AEC chambers
Vertical lift maximum
1320 mm
Central beam minimum upper floor
370 mm
Central beam maximum upper floor
1690 mm
Standard grid
43 line/cm, R: 12:1, fo:1550 mm
Object-to-image receiver distance (AR)
63 mm
Object-to-detector distance (DR)
53 mm
X-ray tube floor stand
Longitudinal travel
1800 mm
Vertical travel
350 to 1890 mm
Rotation of tube around vertical axis
+ /- 90°
X-ray tube rotation
+ /-120°
Max. 1200 mm for table/Max. 2500 mm for vertical stand
Radiographic table
Radiographic table with floating tabletop
3 AEC chambers
Table height
755 mm
Tabletop dimensions
2200 mm x 800 mm
Maximum patient weight
180 kg
Tabletop travel
Longitudinal +/- 235 mm (center to left and right 235 mm)/Transverse ± 85 mm (center to left and right 85 mm)
Standard grid
43 line/cm, R: 12:1, fo:1050 mm
Eleva workspot (DR system only)
Powerful computer
500 GB total hard disk203 GB for image data
Storage capacity
8 GB
LCD color monitor
Central operation workspot for the entire X-ray examination
Instant image processing with UNIQUE image processing software
Integrated generator console
Detector (DR system only)
Digital tethered detector with High Stability Scinitillator
35 cm x 43 cm (14” x 17”)
Image matrix size
2304 pixel x 2800 pixel
Pixel size
150 µm, with a pixel depth of 14 bits