NM NeuroQ 3.75*

Aiding in the differential diagnosis of dementia
The NM NeuroQ 3.75 application is designed to help clinicians perform a quantitative analysis of FDG-PET brain scans. The application compares the regional brain activity in an individual scan to activity values derived from a group of asymptomatic control subjects. It analyzes the distribution of FDG-PET in individual scans, as sometimes it’s hard to detect differences between two PET scans on the same patient taken at different points in time.
NeuroQ 3.75 thumbnail
  • 3D surface projections display.
  • Ability to write out comparison values to an excel spreadsheet.
  • Automated analysis and powerful tool to assist clinicians with interpretations of brain PET scans.
  • Helps clinicians to detect clinically meaningful abnormalities of regional brain metabolism.
  • NeuroQ brain SPECT analysis option (HMPAO normal database).
*NeuroQ is a trademark of Syntermed.

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