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Value-based care: are you efficient enough to deliver?

Efficiency can impact radiology in critical ways. It can lead to faster reporting of critical findings, lower rescan rates, more uniformity in images, clearer actionable reports for the referrer, and an enhanced patient experience. Now with the current risk-sharing payment models, efficiency impacts your reimbursements too.

So, how do you:

  • Provide the highest quality care for a growing, diverse patient population without adding clinical staff or expanding your budget?
  • Operate your equipment and staff resources most efficiently?
  • Provide the right imaging results to the referrer to enable time-sensitive decision-making?
  • Consult with the referring physician who may be across the hospital or across the state?


We work with you to meet these challenges by refining and designing new tools and services that help you operate efficiently and adapt as the landscape continues to change.


Learn more about how our radiology solutions can help enhance workflow at your organization.

“Philips offered us a continuum of process improvements we could work with; with some very simple things that would take us a little bit longer to fully implement”


Judy Canal,

Director of Imaging Services,

Radiology Lowell General Hospital


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Workflow simulations lead to successful changes

Woman discussing how consultancy improved their radiology efficiency.

Learn how Lowel General Hospital used a simulation tool to improve CT workflow and achieve their healthcare vision.


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Providers see the impact of better data and operational improvements

Tools to create efficient workflow

Dynamic modeling system provides detailed, data-driven proposal to increase patient throughput

While Lowell General Hospital (LGH) was in the midst of a major construction project , the hospital’s radiology department took the opportunity to strategically partner with Philips to improve their CT workflow and patient throughput.


“Philips was instrumental in helping us pinpoint our CT workflow problems and streamline our process.”


Judy Canal, Director of Imaging Services

Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, MA, USA


Philips helped Lowell General Hospital identify performance improvement solutions for their Radiology Department.



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