Philips Service Information Service lifecycle

Philips Service Information

Service lifecycle

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Access to information about Philips equipment has never been easier. With Philips Service Information (PSI) web-based tool you can track previous, current, and future service data for select Philips and non-Philips imaging systems any time.


Dashboard shows status at-a-glance

Timely service on your diagnostic imaging equipment is essential to delivering a high level of patient care. Starting from PSI’s general dashboard view, you can navigate simply to a broad array of reports and information. Get complete, up-to-date information on equipment service status for a comprehensive view of operational needs. Check equipment status by modality, contract, and location in one glace. Averages for key service measures, many with color-coded alerts, help you quickly determine status.
Device reporting

Device reporting to spot trends

Device performance reporting, uptime, service response time, order volume, and service activity histories help you identify trends.
Planned maintenance data

Planned maintenance data helps reduce downtime

View planned maintenance schedules and status information to help reduce unplanned interruption of clinical operations.
Easy access and printing

Easy access and printing from standard applications

Viewing service details for a particular device is as simple as selecting the device name. And with independent logon IDs, passwords, and access rights, other personnel at your facility can access data and print reports using our PDF and Microsoft Excel® export capabilities.
No cost service*

No cost service to support operational excellence

We understand that delivering exceptional quality and support are vital to your cost-effectiveness, reducing equipment downtime, and providing high quality patient care. PSI is available at no cost to all Philips service agreement customers including RightFit Uptime, Protection, Primary, Value, and Support. It is also available for multi-vendor accounts with RightFit Uptime, Protection, and Primary.
  • *RightFit Service contract must be purchased for this no cost service.