Power Solutions Service lifecycle

Power Solutions

Service lifecycle

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Advanced medical systems require uninterrupted, high-quality electrical power. Philips Power Solutions program offers several types of power equipment to meet the requirements of your department.

Medical power solutions*

Medical power solutions to safeguard operations

Intermittent power problems can wreak havoc on scheduling. More importantly, an electrical disturbance during a procedure can impact the outcome. We understand the issues. Our solutions typically complement facility generator systems, focusing on your highly sensitive imaging, monitoring and interventional equipment. A smooth, clean uninterrupted power supply means image quality protection, increased throughput, reduced downtime for repair, and control over utility costs with energy-efficient solutions.
Standard power solutions

Standard power solutions to protect equipment

To allow for acceptable levels of operation and performance, we offer several options. Three-phase power conditioners and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from 15 kVA to 750 kVA. Single-phase power conditioners and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from 400 VA to 18 kVA. Power filters and transient voltage surge suppression devices. We also offer battery replacements for existing UPS units.
Unique power solutions

Unique power solutions for Philips equipment

We provide unique power solutions that mitigate system reboots for Philips cardiovascular, MR, and R/F equipment. This can also include UPS units inside self-contained enclosures.
Specialist advice

Specialist advice to select the right power solution

A Philips Power Specialist can conduct a survey to identify vulnerabilities in your power supply for key monitoring, diagnostic and imaging systems. When appropriate, and upon request Philips will recommend, and install a solution to maintain continuous power for attached Philips systems.*
  • * Service activities on medical equipment that are due to power disturbances are not covered under Philips system warranties and service contracts.