For Multi-Vendor Services Service agreements

For Multi-Vendor Services

Service agreements

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Philips Services are designed to manage the complexity of multiple OEMs and third-party vendors. Through our flexible full or shared services, or customized demand parts and labor programs, we provide a consultative approach to your entire enterprise.

Quality non-Philips parts and expertise

Quality non-Philips parts and expertise to ensure uptime

Philips provides extensive training at its Cleveland and Nashville Technical Centers of Excellence for over 2500 service engineers, ensuring they meet the latest qualifications to service equipment from every major manufacturer. Philips Multi-Vendor Services also offers quality certified parts for non-Philips systems at competitive prices, and hands-on training and technical support for your in-house engineers. With over 25,000 non-Philips parts on hand in our ISO-certified Technical Center of Excellence, Philips can be your single point of contact for the parts needed to maintain and repair your equipment.
Shared service for variety of resources

Shared service for variety of resources provides fast response

Have confidence in qualified back-up support from experienced Philips Healthcare field engineers to maintain high uptime and keep unplanned service costs under control. You also have access to certified high-quality parts, can experience hands-on cost-effective training, and receive technical and remote services support on many mission critical non-Philips imaging systems. Realize a true partnership with service programs that allow you to transition your service coverage from full-service to in-house without any penalties.
Support for diagnostic imaging and biomedical devices

Support for diagnostic imaging and biomedical devices to meet regulatory requirements

Need service support for your biomedical equipment too, regardless of manufacturer? In addition to world-class multi-vendor diagnostic imaging services, Philips can provide fast service delivery and/or direct on-site project management resources and reporting to manage all your biomedical assets. These services include biomedical asset management/capital planning consultation, and reports to support full compatibility with regulatory agencies. J227 Take advantage of customized reports and dashboards through Philips asset management tool, “Infoview”.  Customized reports can be delivered automatically to every level of your organization (i.e. executive level, director level, department level).
Integrated solution

Integrated solution simplifies asset management

Managing assets and their associated expenses can be an arduous, time-consuming process. Let the Philips Multi-Vendor team do the work so you don’t have to. With an integrated solution for asset management, compliance requirements are straightforward, equipment utilization is enhanced, and decision-making is informed. We deliver outstanding service and asset management for our Multi-Vendor Comprehensive Contract customers through our InfoView for Multi-Vendor Service.
Manage assets

Remove the complexities of managing assets

Managing healthcare assets properly can increase your service delivery responsiveness and uptime, and decrease operational costs. Let Philips handle your asset management so you can focus on delivering high quality patient care.
Asset inventory

Asset inventory collects all relevant information

Philips InfoView for Multi-Vendor Service begins with an inventory of every individual unit of equipment, including service history tracking and related costs. Our team places this data into our web-based tool. It creates preventative maintenance plans and schedules, and records all related service details. The result is a comprehensive source of information on all assets.
Asset management system

Asset management system organizes information and actions

Our user-friendly InfoView tool gives you a centralized repository for tracking and managing all relevant asset information. You can create automatic work orders for routine, preventative maintenance. It offers real-time reporting and documentation support. InfoView also allows you to quickly generate service requests for unscheduled repairs. Philips Multi-Vendor field service engineers (FSEs) have real-time access to this data, enabling them to quickly locate assets and view work orders and tasks. They can record work status, materials, labor hours, and more in the system.