Efficia defibrillator / monitor

Efficia DFM100

defibrillator / monitor

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The Efficia DFM100 is an affordable solution with the ability to adapt to changes in your clinical environment, resource needs, or critical care guidelines.

Improving cost-of-ownership || kba1

Improving cost-of-ownership

The Efficia DFM100 helps you deliver care at an affordable price with the quality and reliability proven in over 1 million Philips defibrillators sold worldwide. Device configurations range from a basic defibrillator to a fully-featured defibrillator/monitor with optional AED mode, pacing, and monitoring parameters. To help minimize the time and cost of staff training, we have designed the Efficia DFM100 with the same user interface across hospital and EMS versions.
At the core || kba2

A complete package

To deliver high levels of care, you need to make quick, informed decisions – at the scene of an emergency and across the entire course of treatment. You need your equipment to be easy to use as you care for a patient, monitor developments in the patient’s condition during transport to the hospital, and as you care for your patient in the hospital.
Unique advantages || kba3

Unique advantages

The Efficia DFM100 defibrillator/monitor is designed to help you meet the demands of patient care in the pre-hospital and hospital environment. With field-proven Philips technology, the Efficia DFM100 offers core functionality with a scalable feature set and improved cost of ownership, allowing you to enhance patient care, wherever the patient is located.

Dependable and easy-to-use  


The Efficia DFM100 signals its readiness with an active, flashing hourglass that shows the results of automated self tests, and front-panel LEDS that indicate power status—giving you a clear indication the device is ready for immediate use.


The Efficia DFM100 is small, lightweight and easy to carry with optional ruggadized, wrap-around carrying case –you can rapidly bring the device to the patient’s side.


Intuitive controls and clear voice prompts guide you through the steps of defibrillating the patient, with AED mode for basic life support providers. Advanced life support providers can choose therapeutic options using the SmartSelect knob to navigate quickly to deliver defibrillation or pacing therapy to the patient.


The Efficia DFM100 uses the same ports for clinical measurements as Philips patient monitors, so no time is wasted applying different lead sets and cables to the patient on arrival in the hospital.


The Efficia DFM100 collects and trends data for up to 8 hours of continuous monitoring, for incident documentation and case review.


Approximate Dimensions
  • 23.5 cm (H) x 29 cm (W) x 20.5 cm (D); 9.25 in (H) x 11.4 in (W) x 8 in (D)
Approximate Weight (without battery)
  • 5.66 kg; 12.5 lbs
Standard Operator Position
  • Within one meter (3 feet) of the device
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; AC power using a protectively grounded outlet
  • Approximately 7 in (17.8 cm) diagonal viewing area
  • Color TFT LCD
  • 800 x 480 pixels (VGA) with 32 brightness levels per color
Wave Viewing Time
  • 6.5 sec ± 10%
Sweep Speed
  • 25 mm/s ± 10% nominal (stationary trace; sweeping erase bar) for ECG and SpO2; capnogram wave is 6.25 mm/s ± 10%
  • Biphasic Truncated Exponential; waveform parameters adjusted as a function of patient impedance
Shock Delivery
  • Via multifunction electrode pads or paddles
Shock Series
  • Configurable energy escalation in a series Leads Off Sensing and PCI
Sensing for Pads/Paddles
  • Apply 500 nA rms (571 Hz); 200 uA rms (32 KHz)
Charge times
  • • Less than 5 seconds to the recommended adult energy level (150 Joules) with a new, fully-charged battery installed • Less than 6 seconds to the selected energy level (up to 200 Joules) with a new, fully charged battery installed • Less than 15 seconds to the selected energy level while connected to AC power only • The device powers on in manual defibrillation mode ready to deliver shock in less than: • 15 seconds with a new, fully-charged battery • The device powers on in AED mode ready to deliver shock in less than: • 24 seconds with a new, fully-charged battery even after 15 discharges of maximum energy
Patient Impedance Range
  • Minimum: 25 ohm (external defibrillation); 15 ohm (internal defibrillation) - Maximum: 250 ohm. Actual functional range may exceed these values
  • The Efficia DFM100 is not available in all geographies; please check with your Philips representative for more information.
  • The Efficia DFM100 is not available for sale in North America.