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Making the world more sustainable

Contact us below for information on recycling and waste return by region:

We at Philips Healthcare strive to provide high quality healthcare devices, solutions, and services to our customers with optimal attention to profit people, and our planet.

We are dedicated to being a world-class sustainable development company by conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


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We are committed to continually improving our operations, products and services by:

Philips-wide sustainability
  • Developing meaningful technology that optimizes healthcaredelivery and meets society’s needs
  • Implementing practices that assure business integrity andaccountability
  • Investing in our employees and ensuring their well being at work
  • Creating products that consume lesser amounts of materials,energy, and contain recyclable substances
  • Preventing pollution, conserving resources, and reducing theuse of hazardous substances in our operations and products
  • Complying with relevant environmental legislation, regulations,voluntary standards, and Philips requirements

About our recycling program:

Product stewardship

Product stewardship is mandated for electronic medical devices in over 40 countries globally. Depending on the legislation, product stewardship can mean anything from paying import fees to covering product disposal at end-of-life, to requiring Philips Healthcare to arrange for the removal and disposal of used products at end-of-life.

General disposal instructions are located in the product Instructions for Use (product manual). However, some countries require more specific instructions.


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