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TAVR – plan and visualize
with confidence

Your patient has been diagnosed with symptomatic aortic stenosis. She’s 85 years old, has diabetes and high blood pressure. You know she’s high risk and not a fit for cardiac surgery, but she may be a candidate for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).


Today, innovative imaging solutions and percutaneous devices are offering hope for some patients who, up until now, have had no other options.

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TAVR procedure
The TAVR procedure provides hope of resuming activities for patients who are not candidates for open heart surgery.

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Teamwork and the promise of TAVR

“From the patient perspective it offers tremendous opportunities.”


— David Liang, MD, PhD, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford University

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Philips is excited to be part of helping healthcare providers change lives with new imaging innovations that support TAVR procedures.

Published Articles

Philips is excited to be part of helping healthcare providers everywhere change lives with new imaging innovations that support TAVR procedures. Here are a just a few of the many peer-reviewed articles.

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EchoNavigator for TAVI Smart Fusion 3D Volume

“ The beauty of good imaging is that
you don’t have to imagine too much”


- Professor J Zamorano, Head of Cardiology,

University Hospital Ramon y Cajal, Madrid


Live 3D TEE is displayed in real time on the EchoNavigator screen
Precise measurements of the aortic annulus using 3D data help you select the accurate device size.
Follow and assess interventions with expanded communication between cardiac team members.
You can interrogate Live 3D data to help plan TAVR
Use Live xPlane to assess results. Shown here: no paravalvular leak.
Visualize in exquisite detail

High quality live 3D images help cardiac teams obtain the information needed to determine if a patient is eligible for the TAVR procedure, help with planning, and provide amazing views during the procedure. Appreciate the entire aortic annulus with Live 3D TEE and quantify the data sets for measurements to confirm device size. The comprehensive data you can obtain allows you to reduce contrast and manage radiation for your patients.


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Increase visibility of cardiac structures with echo that is linked to fluoroscopy with EchoNavigator. Orientation of the echo image is automatically updated when the C-arm gantry is repositioned. Markings on soft tissue anatomical structures in echo automatically appear in the x-ray image for context and guidance. Your entire team can fully appreciate the spatial relationship between catheter and soft tissue, have confidence in device position and assess function.


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