Care management redesign supporting population health management

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An innovative and patient-centered approach to care management

Healthcare trends are driving the need for innovation and transformation in care delivery. The ownership of risk is shifting, the opportunity for quality care outside the hospital is increasing, and there is a need for new relationship models across the care continuum. Many healthcare systems are looking for innovative models to help manage the changes necessary.

Our approach to Care Management is unique:

  • Focus is elevated from site-based care to population cohorts across the continuum
  • Strong engagement with frontline staff, physicians, leadership, and other stakeholders helps build a common vision and foster ground-level  innovation
  • Co-create methodology provides an iterative, people-centric, and multi-disciplinary approach to care management
  • Special attention is given to the human and cultural factors to meet the unique needs of each client’s requirements

Care Management Redesign Objectives

Transitioning from traditional inpatient case management to population-focused care management

Our team will help your enterprise transition from traditional care to population-focused care.

  • Revenue management » population-focused and across the continuum
  • Episodic and reactive » human-centric and proactive
  • Siloed and fragmented » connected and engaged
  • Duplicative and uncoordinated » streamlined and coordinated
  • Patients on own to coordinate care » transition-focused, not discharge-based care

An integrated approach to create a care management program

Our team takes a comprehensive and collaborative approach to creating an Integrated Care Management Framework. Leveraging our Co-create Methodology, we take a design-thinking approach to focus on patient needs, break down departmental silos across an enterprise, and foster active participation by all stakeholders.

Discover: Explore insights and try-out ideas at an early stage

Frame: Define the opportunity and an improved future-state

Ideate: Use creative thinking to identify solutions, select the most relevant, and create a shared understanding

Build: Simulate situations, experiences, and behaviours to test hypothese

How we enable care management redesign

  • Integrate Care Management Framework development with CoCreate design methodology.
  • Elevate focus from site-based care to population cohorts across the care continuum.
  • Engage frontline staff and operations leaders for deep-rooted innovation.

Vision building

An enterprise-wide assessment is completed to thoroughly review a system’s care network and care management function. Data is gathered and analyzed along with insights gained from stakeholder interviews and observations. Our team helps initiate immediate cultural change by engaging staff, management, and other stakeholders in collaborative discussions, workshops, and review sessions. With this deep collaboration, we build a shared care management vision with team members across the enterprise.

Prototype and planning

Insights and data from the assessment provide input for a facilitated workshop to prioritize the issues to be solved. This is followed by an iterative process of rapid design, pilot testing, and refinement converging toward a practical care management program in an innovation sandbox. A roadmap is then developed for systematic expansion of the pilot-tested program, connecting lessons learned to organizational strategy.

Enterprise Roll-out

To sustain operational transformation across your enterprise, our consultants work with individual operational leaders to embed the new program into daily operations. We help maintain the cultural changes and provide tools for continuous innovation and improvement. A train-the-trainer approach supports ongoing education and awareness of the frontline staff in a phased rollout.


Philips can help health systems develop an integrated, staff supported, and sustainable Care Management Framework

  • Through comprehensive stakeholder collaboration, we engage frontline staff, system leadership, and other stakeholders to ensure strong input and support of the process and program integration.
  • We use human-centric design thinking to build a common vision supported by all levels of an organization.
  • Frontline staff and network physicians are engaged in the design and testing of a human-centric Care Management Program prototype with a focus on improved communication and coordination of care. Redesign and retesting follows, if needed.
  • Our team supports project management, operational readiness initiatives, change management, and continuous program enhancements as appropriate.

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*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.