Mobile C-arm w/Flat Detector Mobile C-arm

Mobile C-arm w/Flat Detector Veradius

Mobile C-arm

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The Veradius mobile C-arm system with flat detector (FD) gives you breakthrough clarity, space, and convenience. So you can perform cardiac, vascular & orthopedic surgery and challenging minimally invasive procedures with more confidence.

Flat Detector technology || Clarity

Flat Detector technology delivers superb imaging

Advanced Flat Detector technology brings new imaging clarity and power to your surgical suite. It provides superb imaging support for a full range of procedures, from kidney drainage and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm repair to percutaneous valve replacements and neuro stimulation. That makes this one of the most versatile imaging systems you can choose for your OR.
Compact design || Space

Compact design opens up extra working space

The Veradius has a super thin flat detector, which frees up valuable space in the OR. It gives you more room to see team members and coordinate tasks. And it gives you more space to see your patient. The compact mobile C-arm system also makes it easier to work around the table during delicate cardiac, vascular and orthopedic surgery.
Instant start-up || Convenience

Instant start-up reduces delays

The system starts up quickly to eliminate waiting times and streamline procedures.
Distortion-free imaging || Clarity

Distortion-free imaging for various applications

Geometrical distortions occur in image intensifiers because of the round shape of the component. The Flat Detector is unaffected by these distortions so it provides an active image area of 28.7 x 26.5 cm, which is sufficient to support the full range of surgical applications.
Extra monitor on C-arm || Convenience

Extra monitor on C-arm enhances workflow

The operators can easily position the system and follow the procedure using the extra monitor on the C-arm stand.
Removable grid || Clarity

Removable grid to visualize small anatomies

The flat detector has an easy to remove grid, making it possible to visualize small anatomy and extremities with outstanding image quality and excellent radiation dose efficiency.
BodySmart || Clarity

BodySmart for exceptional contrast

Unique BodySmart software finds, tracks, and precisely defines the field of view to anatomy, no matter where it is on the image. This delivers outstanding image contrast automatically.
Beam filters || Clarity

Beam filters for superb radiation dose efficiency

This system provides excellent radiation dose efficiency and X-ray quality with Philips beam filters.


X-ray generation
X-ray generation
maximum generator output
  • 15 kW
Promieniowanie RTG
Promieniowanie RTG
X-ray tube
  • rotating anode tube
Monoblock high frequency generator
  • 80 kHz
Detektor płaski
Detektor płaski
Amorphous silicon detector
  • designed and produced in-house by Philips
Active Detector Area
  • 27 x 27 cm
Removable grid
  • for imaging small anatomies with much less X-ray dose
Integrated laser
  • to accurately position the system without radiation
Flexible positioning
  • Stepless height adjustment and 180 degrees rotation
Mobile View Station high brightness color LCD monitors
  • 18 in
Stand monitor
  • Supports visual control for operator 12 in
  • for safe transport and storage
Easy workflow
Easy workflow
Application-oriented anatomical programs
  • optimally adjust system settings to obtain excellent image quality
  • to display external video signals like ultrasound and endoscopy
Digital video-out
  • to transfer Veradius images to external OR monitors in same resolution
Archiving & documentation
Archiving & documentation
Fully integrated
  • DICOM solution
  • connection