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Customer care

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When questions or service needs arise, you want direct access to trained individuals with the skills and tools to provide you with the right solution fast. Philips Customer Care Solutions Center was specifically designed with this in mind.

World class resources and expertise

World class resources and expertise provide critical support

With one call, you have access to the Philips Customer Care Solutions Center and the dedicated clinical and technical support teams. Our experts operate around the clock* with knowledge specific to your system to address your needs as they arise.
A full service response

A full service response for timely resolution of issues

Supporting all Philips customers in the Americas are more than 60 highly trained, frontline agents ready to handle your call.* In turn, these frontline agents have at their disposal the services of 1700+ Field Service Engineers, 200+ Technical and Clinical National Support Engineers and 25+ Parts Agents. An effective, timely resolution of the issue is our commitment to you. We’ll answer your call in an average of 30 seconds and route you to the most qualified representative.
Simulation environment

Simulation environment to help expedite answers

In our modality data center, we can simulate your working environment with Philips products and software, including workflow patterns across all modalities. Access to our global database provides our specialists with comprehensive knowledge to help expedite answers to your questions.
Remote management

Remote management via a secure connection

One of the fastest means in resolving a service incident is through Philips Remote Services (PRS), an advanced, broadband network that allows our clinical and technical experts to connect to your Philips equipment over secure, encrypted communications links. In many cases Philips technicians and clinical experts are able to take control of your system, using our Remote Desktop technology, and guide you through the required steps for issue resolution – right over the phone.
Proactive support

Proactive support to avoid disruptions

Often your medical equipment** itself sends an alert to the Center and issues can be addressed or fixed remotely even before you’re aware of a problem. In fact one out of three calls is resolved through our advanced remote capabilities.
Expediting on-site calls

Expediting on-site calls to prevent delays

If we cannot provide a solution remotely, our network of field service engineers and remote parts depots deliver new parts to your facility without delay. Clear communication, collaboration, and reliability allow us to serve you without disruption to your workflow. Philips Customer Care Solutions Center delivers results you need to provide high quality care.
Parts and Support Services

Center of Excellence for Parts and Support Services

High Quality OEM and OEM replacement parts for multiple modalities and manufacturers are strategically coordinated through one customer care center.  Our parts solutions are supplemented by rapid, expert technical support, which includes remote diagnostic services and parts identification.
Meaningful learning

Meaningful learning to expand knowledge

Through state of the art learning facilities located at the Customer Care Solutions Center, Philips delivers clinical education for Ultrasound customers, as well as technical and clinical training to ensure our teams are in compliance with quality management systems.
  • * Technical and clinical support times vary by modality.