Xper Transcription solution

Xper Transcription

Transcription solution

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Xper Transcription is a robust tool that equips physicians and clinicians with user-defined, custom procedural reports for cardiovascular patients. It enhances communication throughout the continuum of care.

One electronic patient record || Enhanced data quality

One electronic patient record for data storage

Xper Transcription enhances efficiency and data integrity by storing patient data in a single electronic patient record. Easily accessible for return visits. All physician data is securely stored in the database.
Automated processes || Enhanced data quality

Automated processes reduce chance of errors

Xper Transcription reduces the likelihood of errors associated with redundant clerical tasks by automating processes. Safeguard the quality of your data while saving time.
Quick and easy report generation || Enhanced data quality

Quick and easy report generation increases productivity

Xper Transcription reduces the time-consuming processes of dictation, transcription, and editing. This increases physician productivity and helps clinical staff focus on exceptional patient management instead of reporting tasks.
Import and export capabilities || Enhanced data quality

Import and export capabilities for rich reporting

Individually select images, waveforms, and coronary and peripheral vascular trees for inclusion in the report, or have them incorporated automatically. Then you can save the report as a PDF, or print coronary and peripheral vascular tree diagrams separately.
Efficient reporting || Enhanced data quality

Efficient reporting for faster answers

Xper Transcription improves patient management through its efficient reporting. It decreases the time between asking clinical questions and obtaining clinical answers.
Default templates || Enhanced data quality

Default templates save time

You can designate templates as default for specific procedures. Design them by selecting and saving sections of a template and easily placing those sections into another report.
Flexible reporting templates || Enhanced data quality

Flexible reporting templates for quick and easy reporting

Our Xper Transcription solution starts with flexible templates that offer a variety of workflow benefits. They allow you to easily and quickly build, edit, modify, and customize your own report templates. This saves time, reduces redundant data entry, and improves flexibility.
Anatomy editor || Enhanced data quality

Anatomy editor pinpoints lesions

Draw lesions and grafts for coronary and peripheral diagrams using the anatomy editor. The Xper Transcription software automatically writes this data to the coronary or peripheral findings menu and the procedure report.
Report sharing || Enhanced data quality

Report sharing improves physician-to-physician communication

Xper Transcription allows physicians to easily share patients' final transcription reports.