Multi Modality Viewer (MMV)

Initial viewing platform for advanced analysis needs
Supports study review, side-by-side comparison, series arrangement as well as 2D and 3D manipulation of MR, CT, PET, NM, US, DX, CR, RF and XA images.
multi modality viewer thumbnail
  • Supports multiple image rendering modes and geometries as well as fusion capabilities of two series including registration options.
  • Offers a set of tools for basic measurements, stitching multi-station data and generation of new DICOM series/objects for communication purposes.
  • Supports the generation of MR DICOM series in the form of a dedicated MPR series derived from the 3D T1 acquisition, fused with objects like fiber, SPM (fMRI) and/or segmented structure.
  • A unique patient-centric workflow facilitates communication between the IntelliSpace Portal and Philips Image Guided-Therapy systems, to automatically launch relevant advanced analysis data before intervention*.
* This requires specific plug-in installation on the ISP client which integrates with the Philips Cath-lab systems.