US Q-App Vascular Plaque Quantification (VPQ)

A novel measurement of atherosclerotic plaque volume
US Q-App Vascular Plaque Quantification (VPQ) helps you perform comprehensive volume analysis for carotid plaque; a significant indictor in cardiovascular disease. Automatically measure plaque composition throughout a captured volume, percent area vessel reduction and other characteristics using 3D technology. Results may be posted to patient exams.
q-app vascular plaque quantification thumbnail
  • 3D technology to visualize and quantify vascular plaque.
  • Streamlined workflow through protocol-based task guidance.
  • Automatically calculates and displays vessel and plaque boundaries for each frame in the volume data.
  • Analysis data presented on image.
  • Total plaque volume calculated (mm3).
  • Maximum % area reduction calculated.
  • Graph analysis data (lumen area, plaque area, reduction over vessel length.
  • Compatible with the Philips EPIQ, Affiniti and iU22 systems, monochrome, single-volume 3D volumes acquired with the VL13-5 mechanical transducer.