DirectView Reporting software


Reporting software

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DirectView stores and analyzes data, streamlines reporting, and provides fully customizable and easily exportable reports to help identify adjustments necessary to maintain effective treatment and enhance patient care.

Comprehensive therapy data || Enhances clinical evaluation

Comprehensive therapy data streamlines clinical evaluation

DirectView enhances clinical evaluation with quick access to full patient therapy information. This includes waveforms, trends, usage patterns, and summary statistics. It also allows prescription management through the use of a commonly available memory card. DirectView is available for use with the Trilogy ventilator, CoughAssist airway clearance devices, SimplyClear, BiPAP S/T, AVAPS, A30, and A40 devices.
Full sets of reports || Enriches reporting

Full sets of reports for a complete overview

DirectView's fully customizable and easily exportable reports include trends (a high-level view of patient therapy for the past year), daily details (a daily view of patient therapy over the past 30 days), ventilator usage charts, a quick view into the statistics of patient therapy, and prescription history.
72-hour timeline || Enhances clinical evaluation

72-hour timeline for breath-by-breath detail

DirectView allows you to examine the past 72 hours of breath-by-breath waveforms for flow, leak, pressure, breaths per minute and tidal volume.